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Dhan Services is a team of well-trained and qualified accountants and SMSF administrators who not only attend to SMSF administration and your compliance requirements but deal with it in the strictest of confidence at all times.

We take responsibility of helping you manage your Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) with accuracy and in a hassle-free manner. From the preparation to the lodgment of annual tax returns and activity statements, our team at Dhan works with you at every step right to the last detail.

Swarn Sandhu, Director

CA, FCPA, FCA (Ind.), B.Com, DFP

CA SMSF Specialist LinkedIn

Swarn is a rare blend of entrepreneur by heart and accounting technocrat by mind. Swarn Sandhu, an Australian as well as Indian qualified Chartered Accountant, also happens to have an Australian CPA qualification besides few other. Interest and experience has helped him master the accounting industry. Solutions always find their way to him.

Swarn has over two decades of accounting experience. While working in Australia, he realised skill shortage and increasing regulatory onus constantly increasing operating cost of Accounting Firms. Dhan Services came as a solution to provide back office support cum outsourcing services to accounting profession.

Self Managed Super Funds need experienced and superannuation specialised accountants. And, that’s Swarn’s first love! Dhan is not just a an outsourcing firm that you hire, but a progressive and professional company that delivers only the best.

If you have any questions and concerns in regards to your SMSF, contact us on 1300 707 326. We are just a call away!


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Swarn Sandhu

Swarn Sandhu, Director

Swarn Sandhu, Director

Jagdev Sandhu

Jagdev Sandhu , Director

Jagdev Sandhu , Director